Baby Beach

West Maui
0m drive from Baby Beach Villa
Lahaina‘s Baby Beach is a popular destination for local families with small children due to the protection it offers. The exposed stretch of reef creates a tranquil, shallow environment that prevents large waves from crashing against the shore, allowing parents to let their kids play without worrying about the ocean‘s power.

Ka'anapali Beach

West Maui
8m drive from Baby Beach Villa
Kaʻanapali Beach is a famous spot, having been named America‘s Best Beach due to its three miles of pristine white sand and sparkling blue waters. It is a former retreat for the royalty of Maui, and now serves as a popular destination for travelers from all over the globe. Situated near Kaʻanapali‘s hotels and resorts, it is the perfect spot for an unforgettable getaway.

Kahana Beach

West Maui
13m drive from Baby Beach Villa
This beach may not be the most ideal destination, as it is averagelooking, not excessively crowded, and has large condo buildings right on it. Additionally, there are rocks sticking out of the sand which can be uncomfortable or painful. Despite these drawbacks, it could be a suitable beach to visit if you are staying in one of the condos.

Napili Beach

West Maui
17m drive from Baby Beach Villa
Visiting the bay can be a great experience for sea turtles, as well as snorkelers when the waves are relatively small. However, when big swells come in the water can become quite choppy, reducing visibility and creating strong rip currents that pull out to sea.

Kapalua Beach

West Maui
18m drive from Baby Beach Villa
Kapalua Bay is renowned for its picturesque sheltered beach, located in Hawaii. The beach is accessible to the public, despite the presence of the Kapalua Resort and its surrounding condominiums. With its beauty, it has been dubbed theBest Beach in the World by Conde Nast.

Ironwoods Beach

West Maui
18m drive from Baby Beach Villa
Ironwoods Beach is a secluded spot located in West Maui, between Kapalua and Napili. Although public parking and beach access is available, it can be difficult to find. Most people don‘t even know it exists, which makes it a great spot for those seeking a peaceful, uncrowded beach experience.

D.t. Fleming Park

West Maui
17m drive from Baby Beach Villa
This worldclass beach, while much less developed and touristy than Kaanapali Beach, can become dangerous in high surf with strong rip currents and powerful waves being common. Experienced boogie boarders and surfers, however, can often find good surf during North swells.

Big Beach

South Maui
49m drive from Baby Beach Villa
Big Beach in Maui is known for its immense size and lack of crowds. Over a half a mile long and unusually wide, this beach offers plenty of room for visitors to settle in and relax without feeling overcrowded. Despite the large number of people who flock to Big Beach, it never feels overly congested.

Baldwin Beach Park

North Maui
40m drive from Baby Beach Villa
Situated along Maui‘s North Shore, Baldwin Beach is a highly popular spot among beachgoers. Not only is it incredibly picturesque, but it also features a large parking lot, public restrooms, showers, and plenty of space to set up a spot to sunbathe and relax.

Maui has so many beaches that we don’t have room to list them all. Click here for a more complete guide to beaches in the Maui area! For up to date accurate drive times, please use google maps at the time you wish to leave.

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